What do you think of when you hear the term “burnout?”

Many people associate burnout with images of a candle or fire. The flame died down and there isn’t much left to burn. There is a light — but it’s faint and near its bitter end.

For me, I imagine it as a rear wheel drive car burning out its tires in a parking lot. The car is burning energy, running down its wheels and yet going… nowhere.

No matter how you look at it, burnout will cause harm to our physical health and mental well being. …

One sentence. Eight years ago. Two very different interpretations.

I started my career in property management from the bottom — a leasing consultant at a B class apartment complex in a suburb of St. Paul. It was the perfect introduction to what would be my career for years to come. The site just recently changed ownership, was budgeted at 92% and occupied at 84% and was left in a state of disarray — a true dream for someone who loves to organize.

I was fortunate to work for a great company that touted great leaders. While I knew I’d found…

My unopened music books sat on the shelves for years. Each time I passed by them, it was as if they were a person I tried to discreetly ignore. Music became merely something I could do… no longer something I should do. I began to resent those books. They could not offer a medical plan, insurance or the promise of retirement. Yet, each time I moved to a new home, I carefully organized and packed each book, all the while imagining I’d have a chance to explore them again.

One afternoon after an exceptionally cruel winter, I noticed water leaking…

2020. What a hell of a year. After all of the world’s catastrophic events, it will be difficult to walk away from this year unchanged.

Going to the grocery store — changed.

Going to visit family — changed.

Going to work — changed.

Everything is different. Had this been five years ago, I would have pacified myself with food, drink, and Netflix. I would have sought comfort and solitude as a way to bypass the pain. I would have been convinced that things should be different.

Halfway through the year, I can safely say this isn’t how I planned to…

We all have one: the friend who complains and worries about everything. From dissecting past encounters to forecasting all the possible ways an upcoming event can (and will) go wrong, ruminators drain your energy. Ruminators obsess and fantasize about minute, seemingly unimportant details until they’re amplified into a full-grown problem… making mountains out of molehills. Rumination is a broken record of a sad song stuck on repeat that grows louder each time it replays.

As I started noticing rumination patterns (my own included), I realized rumination is much like a habit: Once your mind knows how to do it, it…

I’d had panic attacks before. I was well aware of what they were. To some degree, I knew how to handle them.

I wanted a husband. I wanted out of the B-class first-floor apartment I lived in. I wanted the white picket fence. I wanted kids. I wanted to weigh less. I wanted to venture to places outside of the midwest.

I wanted the life all my classmates posted all over Facebook.

I was in my mid-twenties doing “just okay” at the game of life. I wasn’t making great money but I wasn’t in debt. I wasn’t healthy but I wasn’t obese. I wasn’t going after any goals but I wasn’t…

I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out: The key to feeling less insecure is to welcome the feeling of insecurity.

And it’s not just the feeling of insecurity. It’s any feeling for that matter.

It’s our human nature to want to feel wonderful, happy, and loving feelings every day. I’ve never met someone who woke up with intentions of feeling insecure, angered, jealous, or hateful. For the most part, we strive to provide ourselves and our loved ones with meaningful, positive experiences. How often have you heard it said that someone “just wants to see their spouse/kids/friends happy?”

“I just want to get healthy.”

Say hello to a vague but highly desired goal.

We know what we need to do: Eat whole, earth-grown foods and spend time moving our bodies. We know what we need to not do: Overconsume sugar-laden lattes and spend time after work binge-watching Netflix shows that cut into our precious sleep. Why is it then with the knowledge of what we need to do, we still struggle to do it?

Knowledge alone isn’t enough. It’s one thing to “know” how Bernoulli’s principle explains why and how planes can fly. Both my husband and father…

Welcome to segment two of the continuation of “ How Managing My Money Helped Me Lose Weight.” If you haven’t read it, yet… start there. In our last post, we uncovered some of the ways advertising discreetly sways us away from our goals. But what happens when we make a choice that doesn’t align with our goals?

Essentially… we quit.

Whether it’s a goal weight, a specific finish time for a 5k, a retirement savings goal or a plan to pay off a credit card by a certain date, there are actions that must be taken. Each of these goals…

Budget and diet: Two of the most cringe-worthy words ever spoken. Neither one sounds fun or exciting. Both evoke a sense of restriction and rules. And yet, once you can master both, life becomes much more fun and exciting.

Keep in mind, budgeting and dieting are both tools. I liken it to operating a tractor: I have no clue how to operate one. But, I know with time, energy and effort, I could certainly learn how to do it. The key here is putting in the energy and effort. …

A Javellana

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